The Albion Skunk is the player's ship in the game.
Albion Skunk


Originally named the Albion Pride, it was designed as an extremely advanced warship, able to adapt to any situation. It is able to mount almost any weapon. The hull, engines, and almost all parts of the ship are upgradable. It also has boost engines that enable it to outrun almost any other ship in the galaxy for a limited amount of time. The design was too expensive, and therefore only one was produced.


The one that was produced was invaluable in the Terran Conflict. However, it was last seen heavily damaged in combat and was listed as Missing In Action. The player later found it heavily damaged and in need of repair. It was revealed that many of the ship's systems were in "safe mode," some kind of automatic deactivation of systems when the ship is heavily damaged. The ship is shortly repaired and set off on its journey through the game.